Rules Review

The Occupational Therapy Practice Act states, “The board shall adopt and publish rules relating to the professional conduct to carry out the policies of this chapter, including, but not limited to, rules relating to professional licensure, registration, and the establishment of ethical standards of practice.” §34-39-7 (c)

Under the guidance of Governor Ivey’s Executive Order No. 735, this Board is reviewing our current Administrative Code (Rules and Regulations) for consideration of any rules that may be restrictive to your practice. Upon review, drafts of rule revisions or new rules will be approved by Governor Ivey and the Legislature before they may be adopted or enforced.

If you would like to make a comment or have suggestions regarding the current rules, you may email the Board at: 

All comments will be reviewed by the Board during this process for consideration.

The current Administrative Code is available on our website at:

Please be reminded, the Board does not have the authority to regulate the insurance industry regarding reimbursement or job market.  Questions or concerns regarding those subjects should be addressed to the Alabama Occupational Therapy Association (